NO....We are not just another random group of people who just popped up selling t-shirts and giving away trucks.

Full Send Diesel was created in 2018 by a then active-duty United States Marine and current owner (Kevin Kubinak). FSD’s founder didn’t like some of the products offered when trying to modify his truck. He decided to design and manufacture his own parts for his truck and began to offer them to the public. What began as a small operation that was done in his USMC barracks room with a vise on the floor and small plastic storage bins for hardware has grown to a large 44’x88’ facility. Full Send Diesel proudly designs and manufacturers their products right here in the USA at their facility in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Founded by a diesel enthusiast for diesel enthusiasts, FSD supplies the diesel aftermarket with the quality parts they need for their Cummins, Duramax and Powerstroke. Since 2018, FSD has exploded in the aftermarket world. FSD now has hundreds of dealers located all over the USA and Canada. Some of these dealers include ( Xdp.com, Puredieselpower.com, Dieselpowerproducts.com, Powerdrivendiesel.com and many more!) Aside from manufacturing their own products, they also sell some of the best brands in the industry. Recently they began building trucks and giving them away. The catch is... Not only can you purchase some badass merchandise, but you can also get all of the most common diesel performance parts, from Full Send Diesel and they all get you entries into winning badass trucks and cash. So as you can see, business and customer satisfaction is nothing new to them.