In-House Services

In addition to manufacturing & selling high end diesel performance parts & building bad ass giveaway trucks, FSD Is now officially opening our shop to you. We believe that honest & quality work is hard to come by these days, we are tired of hearing the horror stories from customers and friends. We are here to step in and give you the experience you would expect... And then some.

We specialize in Cummins engine platforms specifically. We can do everything from just a few minor things to a full out build tailored to your liking. We also have connections for body work, wheels & tires, tint, detailing etc. that we can work with to complete your build. The companies that we choose to work with have proven to be the absolute best. When it comes to quality, meeting deadlines & communication we do not have time to play games. We only choose to work with people who operate on our level to ensure the customer gets exactly what they want in a timely manner.

Below is a list of services we provide at our shop here in Lewisburg, PA. Please contact us to schedule. We only take in a few builds at a time to ensure we meet our given deadlines and keep customers happy as that is our number one goal.  

Custom Fabrication

FSD can help you with a variety of custom fabrication jobs. Precision Tig welding in house, we specialize in Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Mild Steel.

-Intercooler Piping (Custom Built to your specs.)

-Exhausts (Stainless, V bands, Hangers, Tips etc)

-Turbo Kits (Single turbos, compounds & event triples)

-One off custom (Brackets, mounts, Cross members Etc.)

Electrical & Fluid Delivery

FSD has a way of making the things you don't want to see either disappear or look much more presentable than they come factory. Below is a small list of what we do with wiring & fluid delivery.

-Wire Tucking (Hide wires, reroute into the cowl, Hide harnesses inside of the inner fender etc)

-Relocation (Battery relocation/deletes, ECU, PCM, Fuse box etc. relocation)

-Wiring Harness looming (Reloom all harnesses in high end PET braided wire loom, clean & inspect connections, Custom wiring harnesses & power distribution)

-Custom battery Cables & power distribution ( All Braided in PET braided loom paired with 3:1 adhesive shrink tubing to lock water out of your cable)

-Custom AN hoses (Fuel Lines, Transmission Lines, Coolant Lines, Power steering lines, oil lines Etc.)