2015-2019 6.7 Hot SIde Intercooler Pipe with OEM Turbo

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MPD bringing another piece to the never-ending puzzle of Powerstroke Performance! We decided to split up our full piping kits and supply just the hot side pipe, for those looking for an alternative to OE without breaking the bank. We re-engineered the OEM Boot and came up with the perfect solution. It has an internal O-ring that seals against the outlet of the compressor cover, a stronger than OE clip, an internal bead on the pipe side that fits into the groove on the pipe and holds it against the bead roll. Both included boots are extra thick 5 ply like all our other boots to withstand whatever you throw at it.
5 Ply high temp silicone boots. Turbo outlet boot has reinforced clip fand contact area for superior strength. Has internal O-ring to ensure tihgt airtight seal against turbo. HIgh flow mandrel bent 304ss pipe for exact fitment. Pipe powder coated black to achieve OEM appearance.