6.7 Intercooler Air To Water Kit 2017+ Ford Powerstroke Polished No Limit Fabrication

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This new 6.7 Power Stroke Intercooler will add throttle response, drop egt's, decrease spool-up time, and add low end power and torque. This intercooler will make the driving experience better!

With limited testing by an independent source, this intercooler has shown cruising and peak egt drop of 50-100 degrees and substantial change in driving characterisitics.

  • 2011-2016 6.7 Intercooler Air to Water Kit - Raw Finish
  • Adds Throttle Response
  • Drops EGT's
  • Decreases Spool-Up Times
  • Adds Low-End Power and Torque
  • Sturdy Aluminum Contruction with Raw Finish
  • Made In The USA
  • Sold As A Kit
  • SKU: 67IC


  • 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty Truck With 6.7 Liter Power Stroke Diesel Engine