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The Banks iDash 66760 1.8 DataMonster gauge is one of the most versatile data management systems. The Banks gauge allows you to monitor up to 2-8 values at a time with over 300 parameters available that your factory dash won’t display. The gauge has endless customization options allowing you to set the navigation buttons, LCD display colors, brightness and even the rate at which the screen dims at night.  Installation is easy with the Banks Power gauge because it includes their patented OBD2 density design that plugs directly into your factory OBD2 port. The gauge allows you to data-log and read and clear diagnostic trouble codes.

Expanded Capabilities
With the Banks Power 66760 iDash 1.8 DataMonster you can monitor over 40 more additional sensors. These sensors allow you to monitor density, pressure, voltage, temperatures and so much more. The daisy chain 4 iDash gauges allow you to combine a 4-channel analog module to monitor 32 parameters at the same time making your gauge set even more customizable. 

Safety First
Be prepared and set any custom parameter safety alert that will notify you something is wrong before its too late! The DataMonster will show you a visual notification when a set parameter goes too high or too low.
Vehicle Diagnostics
With the DataMonster you can safely monitor your engine vitals making sure its functioning properly. The gauge allows you to read and clear codes that are simple and easy to read saving you a trip to the dealership. The max value screen lets you monitor how high certain parameters are reaching and gives you the convenience to see hot your engine ran, or RPMs revved. The DataMonster is like having a personal technician in your vehicle ready to diagnose any code your truck may throw.

  • 2-1/16 Diameter
  • Shift And RPM Light
  • Customizable Gauge Display
  • Monitors Vehicle Performance
  • Over 300 Parameters Available
  • Change The Color Of Text & Bar Graphs
  • Read Boost Pressure, EGT And More (Varies By Model)