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The BD-Power 1300611 Xtruded Auxiliary Trans Cooler is the Coolest Xtruded Transmission Oil Cooler for your diesel pickup. The BD-Power high efficiency micro extruded bar technology provides 22% more cooling over other designs. The 25 flat tubes have 200 micro extruded passages providing a large surface area to transfer heat for external air flow cooling.
With a power rating of 33,930 BTU/HR it's designed for an excess of 30,000 GVW. Large end tanks provide up to 5/8" ID hose compatibility. 80-Watt, 10-inch, 800CFM electric fan offers the ultimate automatic transmission oil temperature control. 
  • 800 CFM Electric Fan
  • -10 JIC Male Connection
  • 15.75" Wide x 12.75" Tall
  • High Efficiency Micro Extruded Technology
  • Large Ends Tanks Allow up to 5/8" Hose
  • Designed for an Excess of 30,000 GVW
  • Cooler Only - Brackets, Hoses & Wiring Not Included
Note: This Auxiliary cooler is designed as an add-on. It is not a replacement for your factory cooler.