FSD 03-07 Cummins 2G Swap High Mount Intercooler Pipe Kit

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FSD Fabricated Aluminum Intercooler pipe. Fits 2003-2007 Dodge Cummins with 2nd gen turbo swap kits with the manifold in the flipped up position. Our intercooler pipes are made right here in the USA from high quality lightweight aluminum. Our intercooler pipes also feature a two piece design with a vanjen clamp. Having the vanjen clamp in the intercooler pipe lets the pipe move slightly so you do not tear an intercooler boot. When the engine is under-load it will move slightly, the intercooler will not. Under extreme circumstances this can cause the boot on the intercooler to rip. Our kit eliminates this problem and ensures your truck the upmost reliability at all times.


Whats included?

(1) 2 piece Intercooler Pipe With Vanjen Clamp Assembly

(1) 3" x 3" x 4" long FSD 5 Ply Intercooler Boot

(2) Stainless Steel 3" T Bolt Clamps

(1) Stainless Steel V Band Clamp



-Lightweight Aluminum


-Vanjen Clamp Assembly 

-Hand tig welded in the USA




-Fits 2003-2007 Dodge Cummins with an S400 turbo and a 2nd gen manifold flipped up with a 1/2" or 1" Spacer.

-Please note that these pipes feature a polished look, but during the fabrication process they do endure some scratches and scuff marks.