FSD T4 S400 Billet Turbo Chargers

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Full Send Diesels S400 turbo chargers are optimized for maximum performance & reliabilty. Our turbo chargers all come with our signature compressor cover with our logo engraved into it. All units are built to extremely precise specifications to give your truck the power and reliability that you are searching for. All FSD turbos include our unbeatable 1 year "No B.S." warranty. That means within one year of the purchase date if you have any issues we will fix it free of charge wether its our fault or not! 



-Billet Compressor Wheel

-Single Piston Seals

-Turbine & Compressor Wheels Balanced Below 1 Gram

-Steel 360* Thrust Bearing

-6 Blade Compressor Wheel

-10 Blade Turbine Wheel

-T4 Divided Mounting Flange

-V Band Discharge

-5" Intake Inlet

-4.62 (4 5/8) Downpipe Flange