Mishimoto Double Flaring Tool

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Preparing metal lines for fitting ends and assembly can be a gratifying process when completed properly. However, if you don’t have an effective flaring kit, this task can quickly turn from enjoyable to daunting. Mishimoto has you covered with our all-new Double Flaring Tool Kit, an item every enthusiast should have within their collection. Our Double Flaring Tool Kit includes everything you need to create precision 45-degree single or double flares for fuel lines, brake lines, and transmission lines. This kit includes flare dies for standard line sizes from 3/16” up to 5/8”. Proper preparation of the line before flaring is key to ensuring a proper sealing joint. Therefore, we include a precise cutting tool for tubing from 1/8” up to 1 1/8” within this kit. This tool also features an integrated reamer to clean the internal surface of the tube. The included flaring bar provides holes for the applicable lines and flare dies. Precision machining within the holes ensures adequate grip with the lines during the flaring process. The chrome-plated swivel joints within the flaring bar provide reduced friction during torquing of the bar. The Mishimoto Double Flaring Tool Kit includes a durable carrying case to organize included components and provide portability. In addition, this kit includes our signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty, ensuring a lifetime of dependable service.