Stainless Diesel 5BLADE S475 2ND GEN SWAP COMPLETE KIT 13-18 6.7L Cummins

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This premium complete kit - includes all the extras to complement your high-performance upgrades.  This premium kit already includes all the upgraded options (with a few extras to represent the 5 Blade Mafia very well). 
5 Blade Mafia Billet S475/87 T4 Turbocharger (upgraded to the max)

STAINLESS DIESEL T-4 24 valve manifold (mounting bolts & 2 sized EGT plugs included with every SD manifold - always) **And our LIFETIME GUARANTEE ** Made-In-The-USA

Stainless Diesel 2nd Gen style turbo piping kits are built with HIGH STRENGTH CND'd flanges & aluminized mild steel piping. Unlike some competitors who use rubber hose & plastic pipes - our kits are strong enough for high boost anytime for many years! This piping kit puts your single turbo in twin position. We find that inverting the manifold (facing upward), helps your turbo spool faster & more efficiently.

Join the 5blade mafia today!

Included in this premium kit:

  • 5 Blade Mafia Billet S475/87 T4 Turbocharger
  • Race Cover - high flow.71 A/R, proven on engine/chassis dynos to produce more power!
  • Stainless Diesel T4 24v Manifold INCLUDED!
  • High Flow Stainless Diesel cold air kit w/ S&B Air filter w/ powercone end for higher filter flow
  • -6 braided stainless steel High Temp Oil Supply Line
  • Oil supply line fittings
  • Oil drain line
  • Oil drain gasket
  • Turbo Gaskets
  • Manifold Gaskets
  • Turbo Mounting Studs
  • V-Band Clamp
  • High Torque T-Bolt Clamps
  • 3.00" Bead-rolled Intercooler Pipe (with IC boots)
  • 5.00" Air Cleaner Pipe w/ AIT and MAF sensor bungs
  • Prefilter Wrap (choose your color)
  • 5.50" to 5.00" boot w/clamps
  • 4.00" Down Pipe (aluminized steel)
  • S400 Stainless Diesel Aluminum Elbow, O-Ring, & V-band clamp
  • 1.00" Divided Billet Spacer
  • Stainless Diesel Turbo Blanket - Included on all years
  • Waterline relocation kit with CCV hose
  • Installation instruction packet w/ pictures
    All of our piping kits have a 1 - 2 week build time as they are built upon ordering.