Universal Cummins DIY 10AN Turbo Drain Kit

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Universal Cummins 10AN Turbo Drain Kit

This kit is designed for guys who are making or have custom turbo set ups where none of our premade drains will work. This kit includes all of the fittings and hose you need to assemble your own turbo drain kit.

Please note, you will need to measure, cut and assemble this hose. This is not a premed hose kit.


Whats included?

-3' -10AN Black Braided Hose

-1 10AN Straight Hose End

-1 10AN 45* Hose End

-1 High Flow Turbo Drain Block Fitting (Fits Cummins Engine Blocks)

-1 High Flow Turbo Drain Flange ( Fits factory and S300/S400 turbo Chargers)


This kit will work for most stock Cummins turbos swell as S300/S400 turbo Chargers



**Please be advised, cummins engine block holes differ in size slightly depending on if the truck is rusty, rebuilt etc. It is possible that the block fitting will be slightly loose or slightly tight depending on the specific engine. In this case you may need to purchase slightly larger or smaller o rings to get a proper snug fit.**